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Cup of coffee in the big time: Daniel Bryan is the world’s best heel

How is it possible to have one company have two shows of such different quality on every week?

WWE SmackDown Live delivered again, thriving on the strengths of Becky Lynch and Daniel Bryan, who have become such big personalities they can carry shows with their words alone.

But today is about Daniel Bryan.

Bryan has betrayed the fans in a way it’s hard to think of happening since Hulk Hogan became Hollywood Hogan.

This pillar of goodness, whose story has always been so intertwined with fan support has recognized us for the frauds we are. We placed our feelings of being underdogs competing in a world of giants into our support of this 5’8” weirdo who managed to become the best in the world.

But feeling like an underdog is where our similarities end.

I’m writing this with my plastic water bottle sitting on my desk, two in the garbage next to me. My car gets crap for gas mileage. My lunch will be made of products far from sustainable.

Daniel Bryan, man of great convictions, should hate me and fans like me.

And he’s performing as the most amped up version of the stranger who comes up to you on the street and lectures you about your plastic straw or the co-worker who went vegan and wants you to know how immoral your choices are.

Those kinds of people aren’t bad people. But they are annoying.

Instead of trying to annoy us into submission, Bryan would rather kick us in the groin and retire to a hyperbaric chamber, take in the oxygen and reflect on our sins.

Daniel Bryan is the greatest heel on planet Earth right now and his abandoning of us could not feel better.

Daniel Bryan is also a great parent.

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