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NXT results, live blog (Dec. 5, 2018): Follow Tommaso Ciampa’s lead

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the latest airing of WWE NXT in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on WWE Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

We'll post match results here, and we will also have our regular reactions post later. In the meantime, and most importantly, this gives you Cagesiders a dedicated place to rave and/or bitch about whatever happens on WWE’s third brand - during its initial broadcast!

NOTE: Spoilers are out there for these pre-taped broadcasts (including here), but many Cagesiders don't partake. If you are going to post or discuss spoilers for this show before they happen, or results of future shows, please use the spoiler bar in your comment.

Enjoy the show!

- The opening theme plays with a crawl about the death of Dynamite Kid. Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness & Percy Watson welcome us to Full Sail by hyping the champ’s appearance later. But we start with The Bro Show...

- Matt Riddle def. Punishment Martinez via submission with the Bro-Mission

Dueling chants as they circle one another, Martinez uses his power to drive Riddle back, but Matt turns him around, releases and taunts him into attacking. Riddle dodges some strikes and locks in a choke. Back drop breaks it, but it’s locked back on, then Punishment breaks the hold. Back-and-forth for a few seconds, but Martinez catches a charging Riddle with a kick and takes control. He answers a chop with a huge clothesline and answers some slaps with a goozle, but Riddle slips out and lands a big head kick. Punishment tries to break the hold, but stops fighting to cover up from repeated chest slaps and ends up tapping.

- As Riddle poses on the ramp, Kassius Ohno appears. When The Bro turns, he gets a mouthful of rolling elbow. Ohno poses over the downed Riddle as the crowd rains down the boos.

- Hype video for Ricochet transitions us to an “earlier today” interview with the media. The North American champ points out he’s yet to be pinned on a TakeOver. As to what’s next, he plans to defend his title next week. He heads off to talk to General Manager William Regal about that, and we’re informed Regal approved and Ricochet will face an unannounced challenger next Wednesday.

- Heavy Machinery pumping weights kicks off a segment where Tucker Knight talks about what they’ve learned since their title shot against AoP, and how they’ve been living clean and going through everyone who’s been put in front of them. Their NXT careers won’t be complete until they get the tag titles, and they want a shot at Undisputed ERA.

- Regal’s announcement about the Fatal 4Way to determine the #1 contender to the Women’s title is shown, and we get a couple quick clips of Bianca Belair qualifying at a house show last weekend. Three spots are TBD for the Dec. 26 match to determine Shayna Baszler’s opponent at TakeOver: Philadelphia.

- Forgotten Sons (Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler with Jaxson Ryker) vs. Humberto Carrillo & Raul Mendoza via pinfall (Blake held Carillo while Cutler stomped him from the middle rope)

Cutler’s power gets the better of Mendoza to start, but Raul uses his speed to avoid and land a kick, getting Steve to their corner. After they connect with a tandem move, Cutler pushes Carrillo to the Sons corner where Blake comes in a similar power/speed exchange with Humberto. Neither team can get the upperhand for a stretch, but the former tag champ muscles Mendoza to the corner and they work the heat for a while until both men get a tag after Raul snaps off a suplex. Humberto cleans house and gets a nearfall off a rolling moonsault, but that’s broken up. Mendoza tries to dive to take out Cutler in retaliation, but is met with a forearm, taking him out. Carrillo tries to set-up to leap on Cutler, but Blake snaps him off the ropes headfirst into his knee, and then we get the finish.

- Cathy Kelley interviews Velveteen Dream, who now has the power to get his music played and the set lit in purple with a snap of his fingers. Once he’s done that, he answers Kelley’s question about what’s next for him. Everyone is still talking about the Dream, even Triple H, so you could say he won. As to what’s next? He snaps his fingers and changes the set back to normal, and says “leaving here”.

- Undisputed ERA are in a new, more secured spot. Adam Cole asks if they made sure the doors were locked. That covered, Bobby Fish addresses EC3’s challenge from last week. He’s mistaken, thinking Fish is just another guy. He’s the guy he should have been warned about. Roderick Strong wonders who’s left for he & Kyle O’Reilly to face now that they injured War Raiders at WarGames. They laugh off Street Profits and The Mighty, then Kyle wonders about those construction workers, Heavy Machinery. He mocks their six month undefeated streak, and Cole does their closing gimmick.

- Mauro Ranallo gives us an update on the Raiders, telling us Hanson is recovering from broken ribs, a punctured spleen and torn ligaments he suffered during the WarGames match two weeks ago.

- Shayna Baszler def. Dakota Kai via submission with a Kirifuda Clutch

The Women’s champ comes out with Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir, then tries to bully Kai into the corner. Dakota refuses to bow and takes down Shayna, then stomping her. Baszler rolls out, where she’s able to grab Kai’s leg and whip it off the ring post. Back in, the Queen of Spades tries to stomp the elbow in the same way she injured Dakota before, but Kai rolls through and gets a roll-up for two. She tries for another hold and ends up snapping the elbow, but the Captain of Team Kick won’t give up and delivers a flurry of feet to the kneeling champ, and then works through most of her finishing sequence before the champ catches her with a running high knee. Kai takes another knee but dodges a third and hits a bicycle kick to set-up a stomp from the top for a nearfall. They battle to the top rope, where Kai headbutts her way free, but ends up taking a gutwrench superplex. Baszler is unable to cover and back on their feet, Dakota locks the arm and blasts the champ with facewash kicks. She runs the ropes for another kick and gets taken down with a drop toehold, then the champ locks in her finisher.

- Duke and Shafir pick up a woozy Kai in the aftermath and drage her to the champ for a beatdown, but her comes Io Shirai! She cleans house, blasting Marina & Jessamyn with a drop kick and blasting Shayna with a palm strike. Kai is back up and lines up for her corner-to-corner Yakuza kick, but the other Horsewomen pull the champ to safety. The two sides jaw as the champ’s team backs up the ramp.

- Dominik Dijakovic gets another promo vid, and we learn we’ll get EC3 vs. Bobby Fish and Ricochet vs. a Mystery Opponent! next week

- NXT Champ Tommaso Ciampa enters the arena. With goldy over his shoulder and a mic in hand, he says that with another TakeOver in the books he’s again NXT’s MVP. He’s a man of his word... he ended the fairy tale, shattered the mystique and turned the dream into a nightmare. Yet still, we refuse to believe in him. He points at a few fans and then at Mauro, saying none of us believe in him but Mamma Mia! There he stands. When all is said and done, his title reign will go down as the greatest in NXT. Children will study him. He’s 2018’s sports entertainer of the year, and he’ll be 2019’s sports entertainer of... [Aleister Black’s music plays]

- Black rises on stage, and makes his way to the ring with a mic in hand. Ciampa holds the belt up in his face while the fans chant for Aleister. He tells us that in L.A., he stood toe-to-toe with Johnny Gargano and absolve him of his sins - sins the “puppetmaster” Ciampa caused. But he’ll absolve Tommy of his sins, too, because he’s invoking his NXT title rematch for Phoenix. But here comes Johnny!

- Gargano comes out and says whoa, whoa, whoa. Things between them aren’t done until he says they are. They get chin-to-chin and start jawing, and the champ says “I love it when you leave Johnny Wrestling in the back and bring out Johnny Badass”. He says he knows what it’s like when Gargano gets fixated on something, and it looks like he’s fixated on Aleister. He saw them tear it up in TakeOver, and the only thing missing was it should have been them in the cage. So, he’s just talking, but if it were him, he wouldn’t be satisfied until they finished things... in a steel cage.

Ciampa gets the crowd chanting for it, and Johnny snaps saying if that’s what the people want, that’s what they’ll do. Black is enraged, too, saying Gargano needs to remember he showed him mercy, but that’s over now. He’ll fight him here, in a steel cage, or in a parking lot. Johnny snatches the parking lot line, and uses it remind Aleister that he’s the one who put him on the shelf for three months, and when they get in the cage, he’s gonna do worse. Aleister tries to unleash a Black Mass, but Johnny dodges and bails. Instead, Black hits Ciampa with one while he’s laughing on the apron, then accepts the match.

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