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The Revival started a petition to ‘suspend Lucha House Rules’

This is good stuff.

The Revival are on a weeks long losing streak in their ongoing feud with Lucha House Party, one that can be explained using three words: Lucha House Rules. That’s the rule set this trio gets to operate under, for reasons that are still unclear. Said rules are, essentially, a way for the three to cheat their way through matches.

And they’re supposed to be the good guys!

In an effort to put an end to this, the supposed bad guys here, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, created a petition to suspend this rules:

There isn’t a better two-man-unit on this planet than The Revival. Multiple Match of the Year Matches and winning 2016’s WWE MOTY. However, we’ve run into some struggles. 3-on-2 matches. Even 3-on-1 matches! These handicapped affairs have been referred to as “Lucha House Rules”. How can we, as The Revival (Absolute Best Tag Team on this Planet, Mercedes Benz of the Tag Team Division, Measuring Sticks, Top Guys, etc.) live up to our name and continue to be an asset to Monday Night RAW, the WWE, Sports Entertainment, and professional wrestling in general, if we’re constantly fighting these unfair circumstances?

This job is how we feed our families. I (Scott Dawson, “100% Grade A Southern Beef”, “90 Proof”, “‘82 Ford Bronco”, “Top Guy”) have a perfect little 4-year-old daughter I have to provide AND set an example for. How can I provide to the best of my abilities under “Loser House Rules”?! What kind of example is being set for her when she sees her daddy getting beat by 3 “men” in masks?!

Please take a second out of your day and sign this petition. For a betterment of tomorrow’s Sports Entertainment. For the betterment of tomorrow’s Tag Team Wrestling. For the betterment of tomorrow’s youth. Thank you.

-The Revival

They’ve already reached their goal of 1,000 signatures, but you can still head on over and sign your name too.

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