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Becky Lynch keeps dunking on Ronda Rousey, but maybe she shouldn’t

After Raw last night (Dec. 3), we got our now obligatory Twitter exchange between the Women’s champions of WWE’s two main roster brands:

Most people I’ve talked to have this as another “win” for Becky Lynch, and I’d agree. My question is though, what’s she winning at this point?

We’ve established she has the far superior social media game. Ronda is all about alliteration - “BackwardsBeckyBullshit” actually isn’t bad, but coming in the same thread as “MillenialMan” and on the same timeline as “Monolithic Mute”, I have a hard time taking it seriously - and can’t let go of the notion that Lynch is somehow ducking fights despite evidence to the contrary.

So what does The Man accomplish, winning another “fight” she’s favored to win? Does a minor skirmish like this one decrease the chances a future exchange won’t land with the impact it needs to because we’ve seen shots taken & landed weekly?

They got my attention, and I know writing about these tweets will get enough attention from Cagesiders to make it worth a post, so... that’s likely the entire point. WWE may well be directing them to tweet at one another, as fireworks between the champs may generate more excitement from certain portions of the fanbase than Ronda’s upcoming match with Nia Jax does.

Almost all the women involved in recent Twitter battles with Lynch will be on hand for TLC in a couple weeks. Maybe we should wait until then for another volley.

There is such thing as too much of a good thing.

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