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Cup of coffee in the big time: Holding out for a hero

Last night’s WWE Raw was certainly an improvement from last week’s episode. That said, it feels like it would have been seen as a bit of a disappointment had we not been coming off of one of the worst editions of the show in years.

I wrote yesterday the men positioned as the top faces (except for Seth Rollins) needed some backup to freshen up a story that had been dragging. Instead, they got Finn Balor being proactive, Dolph Ziggler turning because his feelings were hurt and Apollo Crews asserted himself at a big moment.

That’s ... certainly something.

The Corbin/McIntyer/Lashley trio were kept separate as far as matches are concerned, which was a change that effectively opened the door for Ziggler/Balor/Elias to win a few battles.

I still think this story needs a big spark, and I’m not sure a Dolph face turn is really going to be the thing that propels the show forward. But Heath Slater running in after a ref bump to count a pin on Corbin will be fun.

Of course, WWE may be content to ride out December and get to January, the Royal Rumble and the start of WrestleMania Season.

In the other big Raw men’s storyline, Dean Ambrose found the only thing that could make the engine revving in his entrance more annoying: sirens.

I’m still all out on “you’re all diseased” Ambrose, but I’m much more interested in when he is effective in getting under Seth Rollins’ skin.

Featuring Rollins as a guy who is so angry — because he’s so hurt by what Dean did and when he did it — that he’s uncharacteristically getting outplayed at every turn is interesting.

Ambrose controlling when they engage and constantly getting over on an overly emotional Rollins will make the eventual Seth triumph feel that much better.

It’s Tuesday, there’s a lot of week left. Don’t be afraid to dive in.

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