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Triple H challenged Seth Rollins to be more aggressive & it worked

Challenge accepted?

In a moment eerily similar to Vince McMahon getting in the face of AJ Styles last week on SmackDown, Triple H challenged Seth Rollins to get fired up. Following Rollins requesting a rematch versus Intercontinental champion Dean Amborse, tonight (Dec. 31) on Raw, Triple H got up right in the face of the Kingslayer.

It was a nice promo for Rollins, where teased bigger things to come, and it was a good use of Triple H as an authority figure.

Triple H and Rollins going nose to nose would set-up a match between The Architect and Bobby Lashley later in the night.

The match itself was pretty ho-hum. Neither Rollins or Lashley ever really clicked and the match never got a chance to get rolling. What the match did do was give Rollins a chance to show a small tweak to his character.

Rollins would lose to Lashley via disqualification when he introduced a steel chair into the match. Then post-match Rollins would continue beat on both Lashley and his manager Lio Rush.

Um Lio?

Is Seth Rollins story a little too similar to what AJ Styles is doing over on SmackDown? Or will Rollins take a different path as we get closer to the Royal Rumble?

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