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Becky Lynch went full Stone Cold on Charlotte Flair in Tampa

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Becky Lynch bust out the Stone Cold Stunner. A certain chinless Money in the Bank briefcase-dropping sidekick took the move from the Lasskicker, and others, in his final run with WWE.

But that was different from what we got Sun., Dec. 30 at a SmackDown house show in Tampa. This wasn’t during a crowd-pleasing intergender beatdown of a comedy heel. This was The Man, flipping off and dropping her greatest rival with a Stunner as part of a co-main event Triple Threat for the Women’s title (Asuka retained by submitting Charlotte Flair).

Can we get a “Hell Yeah”?

Shout out to Charlotte for integrating the Flair Flop into her sell.

Thoughts on whether or not Lynch should keep the “Straight Fire Stunner” in her arsenal? What will Stunner expert & mentor Steve Austin have to say about it?

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