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It’s hard to not get excited by Seth Rollins’ updates on Roman Reigns’ leukemia fight & WWE comeback

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With Roman Reigns understandably staying out of the spotlight while dealing with the return of his leukemia, his friend & Shield brother has become the go to source for information on how the Big Dog is doing.

And while we don’t want to get too excited from public statements made by a man who does a lot of press, it’s impossible to not feel optimistic when you hear statements like the one Rollins gave to Detroit’s Fox 2 during an interviewing promoting the Raw taping in the Motor City last night (Dec. 28):

“Roman is doing great. He obviously spent the holidays home with his family and he’s doing really good. He’s in a good position. He’s primed to make a comeback, hopefully sometime sooner rather than later. But at the end of the day, he’s just focusing on getting healthy right now. I will say that he’s doing good, he’s in good spirits.”

Worth noting the question about Reigns was asked by the 11 year old son of one of Fox 2’s producers, so Seth was likely delivering an even more positive spin than he might normally considering he was speaking to one of Roman’s young fans.

But still! The words “great” and “comeback” were thrown around! Keep doing what you need to do, Big Dog. But even your haters are looking forward to having you back.

Believe that.

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