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Braun Strowman is back in the gym, and we have questions

He hasn’t done much on WWE television lately, besides direct traffic in a TLC beatdown of Baron Corbin and mock Paul Heyman with Christmas props. Which isn’t surprising considering he just recently had his second elbow surgery in as many years. But Braun Strowman is set for his latest attempt to beat Brock Lesnar and win a singles title at Royal Rumble in a few weeks, so it’s time to get back in the gym and resume his regular training regimen.

And it looks like he has, based on this Instagram from a few days ago. That’s great! But it got me thinking...

  • Those are his shoulders after 8 weeks of NOT training!?!?
  • When he gives out those hands, he doesn’t make a fist like that, does he? He’ll probably be out for thumb surgery soon if he does.
  • Did Braun learn hashtagging from The Rock?
  • And most importantly... will we see The Monster Among Men again before the Rumble? Will he be ready for a pre-PPV brawl when Lesnar shows back up on the Jan. 21 ‘go home’ show? What will they do to convince us this Brock vs. Braun battle will end differently than past Brock vs. Braun battles?

Give us your answers, or additional questions, below.

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