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WWE hails their Twitter king, queen and other assorted royalty

If you had to guess who’d be on WWE Now’s list of “5 best Superstars on social media in 2018”, I’m pretty sure everyone would list a certain Badlass. Whether you’re a full-blown Becky Lynch stan or someone who thinks she’s overrated, you have to recognize the importance of her use of Twitter and Instagram to her recent rise. The Man is a classic pro wrestling character built in a very modern way.

Part of his current approach to social media is to disappear whenever he’s not in the mood for it, but there was a time when sites like Cageside reported every Kevin Owens tweet the way we currently do for Lynch. And when KO reappears these days, it’s usually for something spectacular, like getting on stage with Shania Twain even though she forgot the words to his favorite song, or challenging Elton John to a WrestleMania match. It’s enough to remind us that he’s wrestling’s Twitter king... when he feels like it.

Cathy Kelley and her team also shout out “tweet & delete” practictioner Velveteen Dream. WWE actually focuses on his curating of Instagram fan art and steers clear of Dream’s more controversial Twitter moments, but I think the latter is why he belongs on this list. It’s a tactic that perpetuates “heat” rumors, but as long as you’re talking about him... that’s all part of the Experience.

Instagram story expert Carmella and former SmackDown General Manager Paige round out WWE’s five.

For my own list, I’d probably give those last two spots to Finn Bálor’s unique mix of cheesy humor, LGBTQ inclusivity & thirst traps, and Naomi for her creative & on point criticisms of her booking (or lack thereof).

As much as my boss may wish it was otherwise, social media is part of our lives - even as wrestling fans. So give us your top five follows below, and don’t use yours to be a jerk to strangers.

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