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So it’s come to this

It is my sincere belief that social media is quite literally one of the worst things in the world, for a number of reasons we don’t even need to get into in this space. The latest reason is something we do need to get into:

That, dear reader, is a screen capture of Undertaker’s current “story” on Instagram. It’s bad enough that Undertaker — The Deadman, The Phenom, The Demon from Death Valley — even has an Instagram. It’s truly disheartening that said Instagram is now being used to post plain old selfies with his wife.

Yes, we’re days away from 2019 and kayfabe has been dead for years, but Undertaker was one of the few remaining wrestlers who never went anywhere near this level of social interaction. Do we really need to see Undertaker as a regular man? We do not. Yet, here we are.

Bring the mystique back in 2019, please.

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