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WWE babyfaces win a lot

The end of the year brings “best of” lists and other rankings from all over, and WWE is no exception. Their “List This!” YouTube series this week focuses on which main roster Superstars won the most televised matches in 2018. A couple names which might surprise you, but overall it largely confirms what’s been pro wrestling’s formula since the dawn of time - people like to see their heroes and heroines win.

The video gives us a ranking of who’s won the most matched on Raw, SmackDown, pay-per-view (PPV) and Kickoffs as of Dec. 23:

5. AJ Styles - 26
4. Asuka - 27
3. Braun Strowman - 29
2. Finn Bálor - 31
1. Seth Rollins - 35

Finn and Asuka are probably the most surprising names. But then you remember that Bálor’s been the most consistently healthy babyface other than Rollins this year (especially since Strowman was a heel for several months) and Asuka was undefeated until WrestleMania 34 & then re-heated for her current SmackDown Women’s title run, and each of the five makes sense.

At least that’s what we think. You? Are there names you thought would be on here that aren’t? Didn’t realize these guys and gal were racking up this many Ws?

Weigh in below, Cagesiders.

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