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John C. Reilly is game for tag team action in a WWE ring, Will Ferrell not so much

To promote the Holmes & Watson film release, Braun Strowman interviewed his co-stars, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. It was a quick hitting interview with clips spliced in. Enjoy.

The part that stuck out most to me was Reilly’s response to Strowman asking, “What are the chances of you guys joining forces and coming and maybe getting in some tag team action in a WWE ring?” Ferrell chuckled, while Reilly positively responded, “Yeah, I’ll do it.” Reilly’s signature move would be fast running and Ferrell opted for avoidance.

Maybe one of Vince McMahon’s changes to WWE will be to bring back the beloved guest host format. If so, he can start with Reilly and Ferrell. I know I would love to see goofy comedy with those two and Strowman in the ring. Or, there could be a movie character mashup with Strowman as Elf. Imagine the possibilities.

Would you be excited for an appearance by Ferrell and Reilly? Which wrestlers would you book as their opponents? If you have seen Holmes & Watson, how do you rate Strowman’s performance?

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