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A SmackDown star tops WWE’s list of Raw’s 10 best moments

The Man cannot be confined to just one brand.

A few things stand out in WWE’s latest top 10 covering the best moments from Monday night Raw in 2018.

Not a single tag team moment makes the list. There is no Brock Lesnar anywhere in the ranking. Overall the Universal title, Intercontinental and Raw’s women title make one cameo in the top 10.

If want to make the case the red brand’s title scene was diluted for the past 365 days, WWE’s top 10 Raw moments of 2018 list will help your argument.

To the list

10. Hell Yeah

9. Seattle

8. Club already closed

7. Hugged out

6. !!!!!!

5. LOL

4. ??????

3. Gauntlet


1. Blood feud

The night the legend of The Man grew is the number one moment for Raw in 2018.

Any disagreement on Raw’s best moment of 2018?

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