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Of course Enzo Amore was hanging around WWE’s MSG show

How is he doing? It depends on who you ask.

When we last checked in with Enzo Amore (nZo) he was getting kicked off a plane a few days before he was booted from the live crowd at Survivor Series. To sum it all up, Enzo has gone over a full month without being forcefully dragged out of a public place.

Good job.

Last night (Dec. 26) WWE held their holiday house show at Madison Square Garden in New York City and look who decided to show up outside of it.

Of course he would.

Out to promote a comedy gig at the West Side Comedy Club off Broadway in NYC, Enzo couldn’t help but poke the bear some more.

Enzo also dropped this story about his motivations for getting kicked out of the Staples Center at Survivor Series.

Airplanes, Survivor Series, comedy clubs, where will Enzo Amore show up in 2019 and will he be kicked out of said place?

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