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John Cena, and his hair, return to WWE at Madison Square Garden

OMG, the hair.

We knew he was coming, and we knew he was bringing his hair. He was advertised, and he told us. We didn’t know what he’d be doing, though. And we still weren’t ready for that hair.

John Cena was welcomed back to the WWE ring on Weds., Dec. 26 at Madison Square Garden by none other than Vince McMahon. Baron Corbin was set to pick-up a countout when the Chairman showed up to give a man he calls the greatest of all time a hell of an intro:

Confirming that John Cena doesn’t lie about trolling people with his hair, it came to the ring with the 16 time WWE World champ. And honestly, it doesn’t look that bad!

He sold a lot for the former acting General Manager, but when Corbin grabbed a mic to trash talk New York, and the NBA team that plays in MSG, Cena popped back and hit the Lone Wolf with the last two moves of doom. Lightning Fist!

He thanked the New York crowd for letting him be a part of their night, and... oh my...

Look, I’m not even making fun of the bald spot. The man’s 41 years old, genetics are genetics, there but for the grace of god go I, etc, etc.

But what’s with the combover-turned-cowlick, man?!?!

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I never thought that I, one of the most prolific writers on the subject of John Felix Anthony Cena Jr.’s appearance, would be rendered speechless on the subject.

Yet here we are.

Welcome back.

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