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Naomi is throwing more than shoes at wannabe homewrecker Mandy Rose

We never did get their television match. Former SmackDown General Manager Paige had a bit of a track record for booking matches that don’t happen. But Naomi & Mandy Rose kept their issue going online, and their story did make its way onto SmackDown on Christmas night:

Jimmy may have calmed his wife down, but Naomi still wants a chance to prove to Mandy how big a mistake she’s making by flirting with her man. The former SmackDown Women’s champ took it up with the Golden Goddess, first by commenting on the scene itself:

And then with this dagger...

Now that Mandy & Sonya Deville are back on the same page (speaking of dropped angles...) and we’ve Women’s Tag Team titles on the way, this feud may need to make hay while the sun shines. Or Naomi could get a new tag partner and this could feed a storyline for the new division.

Either way, it’s a decent enough mid-card feud. In the old days, we’d lament that it’s centered around a man. But WWE seems to be telling enough different kinds of stories with their women’s roster these days that having one that involves a real-life couple and a character who would logically use her sex appeal as a weapon isn’t as problematic as it would have been a few years ago.

Is it working for you? Still want a Naomi vs. Mandy Rose match?

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