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Darren Young return imminent?

Today’s Rumor Roundup brought us word that former WWE Tag champ Darren Young has some apparently unrequited interest in wrestling for New Japan and Ring of Honor in 2019.

We know that Young (real name Fred Rosser) hopes to work with those companies, because he said so in an interview with The Roman Show. It was also in that interview that the one-time Nexus member intimated he might be doing some business with his former employers at WWE soon, too:

“Recently I was just at WWE in L.A. and they invited me back with open arms, so who knows? 2019, you can see me as an ambassador with the company so - it’s just amazing wrestling right now.

Just because moves aren’t being announced doesn’t mean moves aren’t being made, so like, I’m not the type of person that says, ‘This is gonna happen’ and it doesn’t happen you know, so...”

It’s actually kind of surprising Young hasn’t stayed with the company on kind of a modified Legends deal which would allow him to show up a community service events. Back in 2013, Rosser was the first pro wrestler to publicly state his homosexuality while under contract to a major promotion. WWE never used his sexual orientation in storylines, but he was fixture at Be a STAR and anti-bullying rallies until his 2017 release.

And with Triple H & team signing any act they think a competitor might be interested in, if Young could convince WWE that New Japan or ROH were options, it might make WWE pursue him a little harder.

Think it makes sense from a business perspective? Any interest in seeing the return of this Prime-Time Player?

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