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Daniel Bryan beats up Truthy Claus on Christmas

Daniel Bryan just said there would be no more Santa Claus, on Christmas

Kicking off the Christmas episode of SmackDown, Bryan warned that consumerism and global warming will eventually do Saint Nick in.

Harsh but fair.

While Truthy Claus, who appeared to looked very similar to R-Truth, and CarmELFa (heh) tried to open SmackDown with Christmas cheer, the New Daniel Bryan was having none of it as he interrupted the duo mid-promo.

What kind of man chop blocks Truthy Claus during a seven second dance break? On Christmas nonetheless?

The New Daniel Bryan has no use for your holiday cheer and or Christmas spirit.

R-Truth did make one salient point, he will be the 30th man to enter the 2019 Royal Rumble. What are the odds that Truth, forget about winning it, but at least makes it to the final four of next month’s Royal Rumble?

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