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Rhyno’s return to WWE was his second best appearance as Santa Claus

(Santa) hats off to WWE for tying a bow on one of the sub-plots in the “Baron Corbin: Acting General Manager” storyline last night (Dec. 24) on Raw.

We saw how the Corbin’s decision to turn Heath Slater into a referee worked against him at TLC and on last week’s episode of the red brand. With the Lone Wolf back to being just another member of the roster, his decision to kick Heath’s partner Rhyno off the show no longer held water, either. So the Man-Beast returned to save his partner from Jinder Mahal and the Singhs.

Since this was the Christmas Eve edition, he surprised the fans and the heels by dressing as Jolly Old St. Nick...

That’s great! They paid off the angle and told a complete story using some talented mid-carders who haven’t been given much to do over the past couple of years.

Still, it’s not our favorite Rhyno-as-Santa appearance. In fairness, his turn in the red suit on the dearly departed Talking Smack set a high standard. Not surprisingly, WWE doesn’t have much of Rhyno’s pervy Claus schtick on their YouTube channel. We highly recommend punching up the episode on the Network for a holiday treat, though. In addition to wandering eye, on a break from Mrs. Claus Santa Rhyno, the Dec. 20, 2016 show also features a babyface Becky Lynch (dressed as La Luchadora) lamenting how all the women’s title contenders are arrogant meanies, and loveably goofy weirdo Daniel Bryan marking out for the big man with all the toys. It’s wild to see in light of their current gimmicks. Renee Young is just her usual amazing self.

Anyway, if you’re not a subscriber, or don’t have 30 minutes to spare on Christmas Day, please enjoy these GIFs (courtesy of TDE Wrestling, who make every day a holiday for wrestling fans):

HO! HO! Ewwww...

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