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WWE finally announced Women’s Tag Team titles

After months and months of rumors and speculation, and countless teases on social media and on the air, WWE finally announced that a Women’s Tag Team championship is coming.

To where? When? How will the first champs be determined?

We have no answers for you there, unfortunately. The titles were confirmed during a backstage segment on the pre-taped Dec. 24 episode of Raw. Vince McMahon was playing Santa Claus (you read that right) backstage and dropped the reveal into a bit which also announced the return of John Cena, a steel cage match for the episode of the red brand which will tape this weekend & air on New Year’s Eve, and ended with a Bad Santa joke.

That’s how you thought they’d be revealed, right?

We’ll keep you posted with any other details as we get them. In the meantime, thanks Santa Vince?

Stick around to see what other bombshells WWE has planned for Christmas Eve in the live blog here.

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