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Becky Lynch is working on her arm bar defense with Conor McGregor’s coach

The Man is back in her native Ireland, and after kicking off the holiday with a drink courtesy of her potential WrestleMania back-up (and favorite response meme)...

Becky Lynch’s Instagram

Becky Lynch made her way to John Kavanagh’s Straight Blast Gym (SBG) to get some work in with the coach she and Conor McGregor share. While there, looks like Bex paid it forward a bit talking to a couple generations of mixed martial artists, then got down to business. As promised, Lynch worked with Coack Kavanagh on “deadly” new moves - and preventing a certain little weirdo from locking on her finisher...

With her Royal Rumble card free, what’s next for the former SmackDown Women’s champ after her working vacation?

Don’t worry. She’ll tweet about it, and we’ll delight or infuriate you by posting about it.

She is The Man, after all.

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