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We don’t know what to make of WWE Network premiering four shows next week, but they sound WILD

WWE quietly announced four new original non-wrestling programs would premiere on their streaming Network during Christmas week.

Is it an end of the year dump of content they don’t think is worth premiering in more marquee slots like after an event or non-pre-taped Raw? There’s been no official announcement about any of as of this writing; we know about that because numerous sites noticed they were on the Network’s published schedule.

They all sound like shows which they asked about in the fan surveys they send out every few months and are likely pilots episodes. Are there more of these shot and ready to roll out? Or will more of them depend on the reaction to these lightly promoted debuts?

We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds, but here’s what we’re getting, and when, per WWE Network’s online schedule:

Dec. 24, 11PM Eastern - Fashion Files: Cold Case Unit

It’s do-or-pie for detectives Tyler Breeze and Fandango, as ‘The Fashion Police’ close in on Kevin Owens’ mysterious Pie Face Perpetrator!

Dec. 25, 7:30PM Eastern - Xavier’s Arcade Challenge

Xavier Woods invades the arcade scene in The City of Brotherly Love, and he’s seeking a challenge in the retro gaming classic, NBA Jam!

Dec. 27, 7PM Eastern - WWE Kitchen SmackDown!

Dana Brooke, Alicia Fox and Curtis Axel compete in a cookoff for guest judges Enes Kanter, Noelle Foley and Mark Henry, hosted by Bo Dallas.

Dec. 28, 7PM Eastern - Botch Club

Gallows and Anderson watch acrobatic attempts gone awry, and take a deep dive into the circumstances behind the infamous Titus Worldslide.

Each is slotted for 30 minutes, and set to replay on the Network’s main stream (in addition to being available on demand) multiple times after its initial broadcast.

On a personal interest level, while more adventures of Dept. Dango & Breezey are always welcome, the Good Brothers doing a Botchamania gimmick should be hootski and who can ever get enough of Austin Creed gaming... sign me up for the f*** up for The B-Team doing Chopped/Masterchef with wrestlers! And Knicks star the Underkanter will be there? Give me a hell yeah.

Which are you most likely to watch, Cagesiders? Will we see more episodes of these concepts, or is this like Amazon’s old “Pilot Season”?

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