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Add John Cena to the Becky Lynch fan club

While on his press tour in support of Bumblebee, John Cena sat down with Gorilla Position’s James Delow. The host hit him with some fan questions, and GP being a wrestling podcast, they were WWE-related. One of them had to do with the rise of Becky Lynch in WWE.

And if you’re among the “Ugh! Don’t you guys post about anything other than Becky Lynch?” crowd, well for one thing I’d point you to the 50 or so non-Becky Lynch articles that we’ve published this week. Then, I’d say, “take it up with John Cena”.

“I love any instance where people feel comfortable enough with self to be expressive. For so long, I didn’t know what or who Becky Lynch was, and now I do and that fires me up.”

The Man herself pointed us to those remarks, with some of the braggadocio those of us who aren’t sick of her love:

Sorry haters. The Man ain’t stopping. And the 16 time WWE World champ has her back.

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