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Cup of coffee in the big time: A WWE Christmas wish list

Christmas is almost upon us and as this is the last edition of Cup until after the holiday, I thought it only appropriate to put together a Christmas wish list.

Vince McMahon isn’t a nice Santa and likely will ignore my list and leave me a lump of coal (bay-bay!), but you have to dream big.

...or something.

A better main event scene for Raw - Rumors of Finn Balor receiving a big push and Drew McIntyre continuing to build himself up are a good start. But until there are enough big players with enough heat to carry Universal Championship programs without Brock Lensar, the show will suffer.

More all-women PPVs - I enjoyed a lot of what went down at TLC, but Evolution remains my high-water mark for WWE pay-per-views in 2018. It was a change of pace and felt distinctly different from any other offering. I don’t want to see them go to the well with these shows too often, but give me two or three per year.

For that matter, women main eventing WrestleMania - It’s hard to imagine WWE not finding a way to screw up the Becky Lynch/Charlotte/Ronda Rousey situation, but if they can keep it going strong until the biggest show of the year, I desperately hope we see history made with the women in the top spot.

A year-long Daniel Bryan reign - There’s just nothing quite like Daniel Bryan as a heel. As with almost anything Bryan, he is constantly finding new gears you couldn’t imagine someone having. I want him to scream at me for my shortcomings as a citizen of this planet while kicking ass in his matches forever. But at least give him a loooong run with the belt. And maybe explore Bryan vs. Miz with the roles reversed.

Transition the McMahons away from TV - I know it provides a temporary rating boost to bring in WWE’s First Family, but it also causes a drag on the shows. I don’t need Shane, wrestling god, or Stephanie (she’s just like YOU!) or Vince, smartest man in the room. It’s simply time to move to a world where I can watch TV without being reminded of the people behind the scenes. ....this is my least realistic wish.

A safe and happy holiday for all of you - We’ve not always agreed, but I appreciate everyone here at Cageside Seats, from the staff to the hardcore commenter to the occasional reader. It’s been nice to find a home to talk about wrestling with a positive community.

Be safe and enjoy yourselves.

Now, for the greatest gift of all. I mean, the greatest GIF of all.

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