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Report: Multiple WWE storylines dropped after recent McMahon shakeup

Less than a week into the McMahon family appearing on TV to shakeup both Raw and SmackDown, maybe some people are feeling buyer’s remorse.

If you move one piece on WWE’s chessboard, how does it impact the rest of the game? Raw and SmackDown this week drew mixed reviews on the directions they were taking with some of their new storylines.

Part of WWE changing the direction of their product meant that some wrestlers, and their stories, were completely rewritten.

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required and encouraged) Dave Meltzer reports on some of the stories that were cut due to the McMahon family shakeup that swept over both Raw and SmackDown.

“It appears Alexa Bliss as an authority figure (there was talk of her for the Baron Corbin spot once Corbin lost to Braun Strowman) has been completely dropped. Paige as an authority figure was also dropped. The Shane angle based on his winning the Crown Jewel tournament that was to lead to a heel turn looks like it’s been completely dropped (although it wasn’t supposed to happen until January anyway).”

For the past few weeks Bliss has reportedly been dealing with injuries and the after effects of a concussion. Bliss hasn’t been in the ring for months now so it made sense for her to transition into an authority figure role on Raw.

One of the biggest drawbacks to the McMahon family arriving on TV to shake things up was Paige being removed as SmackDown’s GM. When it comes to WWE onscreen authority figures, where many have failed, Paige thrived in the role and really didn’t do anything to warrant losing her spot.

Since winning the Best in the World trophy at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, Shane McMahon hasn’t done much on Tuesday nights except get slightly annoyed by The Miz.

With these storylines left on the cutting room floor, what paths would like to see Alexa Bliss, Paige and Shane McMahon go down next?

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