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Cup of coffee in the big time: If not Brock, who?

Brock Lesnar holding the WWE Universal Championship has gotten old.

That’s not news to anyone, though it raised a few eyebrows when Seth Rollins pointed out Lesnar’s absence from in-ring competition on Raw since 2002 during his promo two weeks back.

It is endlessly frustrating to have the biggest belt on Raw — and what is usually presented as the biggest belt in the company — off TV for weeks or months at a time. The missing belt makes the show feel smaller than it should.

Begging for change isn’t going to get fans anywhere, though. As much as the McMahons love to shout (in and out of character) about listening to the wants of the fans, Lesnar is their go-to champion.

But there’s another issue: Somehow Raw feels almost entirely devoid of capable champions.

Braun Strowman seems the obvious answer to “if not Brock, then who?” But he’s also spent much of 2017 and 2018 losing in every “big match” showdown with Lesnar and Roman Reigns and flip-flopping heel to face like Big Show-lite. That’s not to say Strowman can’t handle the gig, but he represents a clear case of bad booking causing a lot of lost momentum.

I enjoy a Seth Rollins match as much as the next guy (so long as the match isn’t against Dean Ambrose), and he’s arguably Raw’s top babyface, but I’m haunted by his abysmal WWE World Heavyweight Championship run.

No option is perfect, though, and those two men represent the best alternatives before we drop off to men like Drew McIntyre, who is awesome and picking up some steam, but it’d be a lie to suggest he’s one of the most over guys on the roster.

Finn Balor has been mishandled and relegated to upper midcard underdog requiring some rebuilding before a title run would make sense.

A Bobby Lashley run with the belt? Shudder.

For all the complaining about Raw, the biggest issue may simply be that the bad writing has left a landscape without capable top-level champions.

With Royal Rumble right around the corner and WrestleMania season kicking off, it’s time to right the ship and build the roster up once again.

We’re flying right into Christmas!

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