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Ronda starts another Twitter fight, Becky finishes her (and Charlotte, too)

Many of us had fan dreams of Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair interacting in person after the Raw Women’s champ cost The Man & The Queen the SmackDown belt at TLC last Sunday in San Jose. Those didn’t come to pass.

But when the Rowdy One got around to addressing her actions and the week’s television on social media earlier today (Dec. 19), we got more of what’s been the program’s bread and butter - internet trash talk. And maybe face-to-face interactions would be better at this point, but we’re still getting the goods. Mostly from you-know-who.

As mentioned, Rousey started it. Her Instagram has the usual crutches - alliteration, website plug - but it’s a solid threat/warning/promise from the baddest woman on the planet:

Which brought a response from Lynch with one of her signature moves, the modified photo/meme. And the usual turning around of her rivals words to mock, insult and dismiss them:

She saved her best work for her fellow SmackDown Superstar, though:

I truly can’t stop laughing at that one.

Charlotte did jump in, but she forgot the “wooo”:

I know I’ve asked this before, but... is it Royal Rumble yet?

UPDATE 1 & 2: Ronnie didn’t like being called a weirdo, so she’s accusing Becky of being a panty thief... Lynch may have not liked that, because she just alluded to the head kick that ended Rousey’s MMA mystique...

For reference, it was pretty damn hard:

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