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WWE 205 Live results (Dec. 19, 2018): Street fight!

WWE 205 Live returns to WWE Network tonight (Dec. 19, 2018) from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Advertised for tonight: Lio Rush does something other than talk about Bobby Lashley’s ass for the first time since losing to Cedric Alexander a month ago, Akira Tozawa & The Brian Kendrick look to settle their issues with Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher in a tag team street fight!

Come right back here at 7 p.m. ET when the 205 Live live blog kicks off once the show starts on WWE Network. It will be below this line here.

NOTE: Spoilers are out there for these pre-taped broadcasts, but many Cagesiders don’t partake. If you are going to post or discuss spoilers for this show in the short-time between when this article is published and the show’s start, please use the spoiler bar in your comment.

Enjoy the show!

I’m not sure what’s worse, the waiting or the waiting room. “You’re next sir” becomes a cruel taunt to you. Recycled air, the smell of sleep and disinfectant, your god is a two door elevator. Do they even cure you? Or it is just to humor us before we die? If only we could heal ourselves, we wouldn’t need to be hooked up to these machines, but alas, I’ll have to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with Drake Maverick recapping TLC and hyping up tonight’s festivities in his traditional opening segment.

Ariya Daivari and Hideo Itami make their entrance together.

Daivari gets on the mic and tells the crowd to show Itami the respect he deserves and shut their damn mouth. He shouldn’t have to speak for Hideo but he can’t sit idly by and watch a legend be mistreated. His feet aren’t just educated, they have a doctorate in stomping skulls, and he hasn’t gotten any real competition on this show for two months.

Until he gets the respect he deserves, this episode of 205 Live is cancelled!

Enter Drake Maverick. He says the only thing the two of them are going to get is a suspension.

Enter Noam Dar. He speaks off-mic with Drake a moment, and Maverick says it’s their lucky day, because out of respect for Dar he’s going to make Noam vs. Hideo right now!

Hideo Itami vs. Noam Dar

Dar in with left hands, backing Itami into the corner and forcing referee Ryan Tran to pull him off. Taking Hideo corner to corner, smashing his face in the turnbuckles, whip reversed, duck a lariat, big dropkick and Itami rolls to the floor. Noam follows after and throws him back inside, spinning him around and around in underhooks to set up a backslide... NOPE!

Itami hangs Dar over the top ropes and kicks him in the ribs a few times before heading up top for a guillotine leg drop! More strikes to the midsection, shoulder thrust, whip across for the kitchen sink knee and a nearfall. Reverse chinlock applied, Noam fights to his feet so Hideo slams him right back down to the mat. Snapmare, knee drops to the face into the disdainful fakeout back kick.

Dar fired up, off the ropes, but Itami’s able to cut the rally off and take him back down into the reverse chinlcok again. Noam with back elbows, shoulder armbreaker, whip reversed and he trips Hideo up by sliding under him. Following it up by kicking his leg outta his leg, palm thrust to the gut and an uppercut and Dar is rolling! Charging forearm, and a northern lights suplex gets two.

A schoolboy comes up empty, Itami gets a huge kick but Noam goes back to the legs and heads up top, fending Daivari off before perching for the double stomp but nobody’s home and he lands bad on one leg. Hideo with a strike rush, hesitation dropkick, inverted facelock...

Hideo Itami wins by pinfall with the inverted facelock rolled into a single-knee facebreaker.

Drake Maverick meets backstage with Buddy Murphy and congratulates him on his win at TLC.

Murphy says everybody says that Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali were supposed to be his biggest threats but he beat them both, and he corrects Drake to say that he’s the best cruiserweight in the world and the whole world needs to know that, and he needs his next defense to be a challenge so that when he wins, no one can deny that he’s the greatest champion in history.

Maverick says he can see he’s determined and asks for a couple of days to put something together so he can have an announcement on that challenge next week.

Lio Rush makes his entrance and says he usually likes to say a few words and get the crowd excited, but he’s a busy man... so he decks his opponent, Aaron Solow!

Aaron Solow vs. Lio Rush

Solow sidesteps the charge, right hands, off the ropes but Rush trips him up and hits a big bulldog off the apron! Back in, up top... FINAL HOUR! Lio chooses not to end it just yet and mounts Aaron for repeated punches before heading up top again...

Lio Rush wins by pinfall with Final Hour.

Cedric Alexander gets a handcam promo talking about how he’s had championships slip away at the last moment before, but he’s not giving up and this is still his show and his division and Buddy Murphy is holding his title that he intends to come back for real soon.

Akira Tozawa & Brian Kendrick vs. Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher (Street Fight)

All four men brawling in the aisle to start, the babyfaces pull ahead smashing the heels into the LED boards at the apron and we have a bell. Kendrick and Tozawa get a table out and slide it into the ring, but Gulak and Gallagher cut them off and dump them to seize it for themselves and put it back under the ring. Akira and Brian run them over with the cover of the announce table as they come back around!

Isolating Drew, they put him in the ring and surround him, putting boots to him, double whip, charging strikes, roundhouse-assisted reverse STO... JACK BREAKS IT UP! Clubbing away, double boot and a Poetry in Motion senton for Gallagher and the heels are on the floor. They trip the babyface team up and decide NOW is the time for plunder, getting a trash can, a kendo stick, a steel chair, and some kind of plastic bars to clobber Tozawa with!

Back inside, Gulak smashes the Stamina Monster with the trash can before putting it on his head and grabbing a broom. Little bit of housekeeping and repeated broom shots to the can... NOPE! To the floor, putting Kendrick hard into the timekeeper’s barricade and slamming him on the floor! Throwing a mop at his throat, following it up with the bucket, and Drew is angry!

Kendrick fired up, brawling with Gulak while Gallagher stretches Tozawa, Drew pulls ahead and chokes him with a length of wire, hanging him off the apron until Akira makes the save! Jack with a headbutt, dumping the Dragon Gate man to the floor where he and Gulak back suplex him into the timekeeper’s area! Throwing Brian back in, cover gets one, Hot Shot into a lariat... STILL NO!

Brian reverses a double-team suplex into a double DDT and everybody’s down and out. Drew and Tozawa brawling on the floor, just trading vicious punches and forearms as Akira lets out a primal scream... AND GULAK CLOCKS HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH A MICROPHONE TWICE! A third shot, Tozawa blocks and jabs him right in the face! Back in, Frankensteiner and a sliding knee and a senton for Jack and Akira is fired up!

Throwing a chair at his face, same treatment for Drew! Kendrick’s awake and has the bungie cord... AND THEY LASH DREW TO THE RINGPOST! Chops ensue, Gulak gets out and Tozawa is seated in an office chair... AND GALLAGHER DROPKICKS HIS HEAD OFF! Back inside, Kendrick going for a Dragon suplex, Gallagher reverses into a deathlock and bridges back! Tozawa grabs an octopus hold on Jack and Drew comes in and adds the Gu-Lock!

He peels Tozawa off and really wrenches it in but Brian breaks it up by slamming Gallagher into them! Fired up, right hands, but soon enough Jack’s back to the deathlock! Tozawa up top... SENTON TO GALLAGHER BUT GULAK BREAKS IT UP! Kendrick looking for Sliced Bread #2, cut off, Drew ducks the first 540 roundhouse but eats the second... AND CUTS OFF A TOZAWA DIVE WITH THE TRASH CAN!

Jack back over to Brian, jockeying for position with him...

Akira Tozawa & Brian Kendrick win by pinfall with Sliced Bread #2 from Kendrick on Jack Gallagher.

That’s the show, folks.

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