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Vince McMahon runs down Lynch & Flair, books Asuka-Naomi title match

Becky Lynch is pissed.

The Man opened this week’s episode of SmackDown not looking to run down Asuka or Charlotte Flair but had her sights solely set on Ronda Rousey.

Before Lynch could really lay into Ronnie, Flair made her way down to the ring to interrupt the promo. Then Asuka came down and put herself in between the two former friends.

With all three women arguing about their match at TLC, Vince McMahon seemingly came out of nowhere (the entrance ramp) to try and smooth over the situation.

Mr. McMahon didn't really do anything to calm the situation but he did scold both Flair and Lynch for bickering and then booked Asuka into a title match versus Naomi.

On one hand McMahon interacting with new talent is cool but on the other hand the chairman of WWE felt shoehorned in here.

The entire McMahon segment felt outplace. Why did he need to verbally rundown both Lynch and Flair? Why was Naomi getting a title shot? Hell, why does Asuka have to defend her title just two nights removed from TLC?

To everyone’s credit the impromptu Asuka versus Naomi title match was really good. Asuka would eventually get the best of Naomi and force her to tap out.

How will the SmackDown pecking ordering of Asuka, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair play out over the coming weeks?

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