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We all need a friend like Xavier Woods (and we all have one like Rusev)

WWE Superstars... they’re just like us.

It’s been a MMMGorgeous week for Tyler Breeze. Last Wednesday, he returned to NXT television for a shot at Ricochet’s North American title. Last night, he got on Raw and took on Intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose.

Sure, he didn’t win either. But considering we hadn’t seen him outside of UpUpDownDown for a while before that...

Speaking of Austin Creed’s gaming channel on YouTube, Prince Pretty’s roommate/rival was checking in on his boy while SmackDown had a house show in Stockton on Monday night. A.K.A. Xavier Woods was majorly invested in Breeze’s match, but some spotty wifi was causing problems. It might have even jinxed Tyler!

Of course, we know that’s not true, because these things are scripted in advance. That didn’t stop Rusev from messing with Woods a little more - and causing him to miss the replay of the finish even after his wifi came back.

WWE Superstars... they’re just like us.

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