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The Man is coming for EVERYONE

If you haven’t seen it, WWE released a great fallout video from TLC’s main event showing how Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair reacted after Asuka claimed the SmackDown Women’s title following Ronda Rousey showing up to ensure neither of them would win the match. It’s great character work from both performers, with Lynch registering shock, a touch of sadness and then her now signature cocky resolve. Flair is straight murderface throughout.

Check it out:

They’ve since each followed up with social media reax, and while I appreciate the simplicity of the Queen’s side-eye:

The Man’s is some straight up Quentin Tarantino s***:

I don’t know how things are gonna shake out between Asuka, Flair, Lynch and Rousey on the Road to WrestleMania 35. But I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be great. And I damn sure am excited.

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