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Still not sure how Charlotte Flair kept wrestling after this

Watching TLC live in the cSs offices last night (Dec. 16), after we got done screaming, the consensus was that Charlotte Flair was probably legitimately hurt on this spot...

I mean, Becky Lynch’s leg drop lands tailbone first on Charlotte’s midsection from at least eight feet above her. There’s no way to “pull” your weight there as you would on a double-stomp like Finn Bálor’s Coup de Grace. What’s worse is the announce desk doesn’t break until after Flair has been smashed between Lynch and the poorly gimmicked furniture.

Her cries didn’t sound like run of the mill selling, either:

We now know, of course, that Charlotte didn’t suffer broken ribs or other internal injuries. It had to hurt like hell, but not enough to keep her from getting up and taking a Bexploder into a table on the barricade, or spearing Asuka through said barricade, or diving to put Becky through a table, or...

The lack of injury reports from the usual sources today would also seem to indicate she wasn’t working through anything, either. It had to hurt, but I guess she’s okay.

Not sure how that’s possible, but then I’ve also never understood her old man surviving a plane crash, being struck by lightning multiple times or a medically-induced coma, either.

Genetically superior indeed.

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