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WWE TLC 2018 results: Dean Ambrose’s mind games net him the Intercontinental title

An emotional video package chronicling the latest collapse of The Shield led into Seth Rollins’ Intercontinental title defense against Dean Ambrose. It set the stage for a match for which the story was largely whether Rollins would be able to control his emotions. After all, he was finally able to get his hands on the man who betrayed him on the night their brother Roman Reigns announced the return of his leukemia.

Ambrose baited Rollins into following him out to the floor and quickly took control of the match. While Dean worked for pinfalls in the ring, the announce team bickered as Corey Graves insisted on getting Renee Young to explain her husband’s behavior while Michael Cole tried, and mostly failed, to get their attention back on the action in the ring.

The men in the ring talked their fair share of smack, too. Dean while he focused his attacks on Rollins’ left knee; Seth during brief comebacks. The champ connected on a suicide dive and looked to have turned the tide, but his knee gave out on him - first allowing Ambrose to catch up to him, then giving out when he tried for a sunset flip.

It got better in a hurry, though. A buckle bomb set him up to do the “Burn. It. Down.” superkick, but when that missed, the brothers got to brawling. Somewhere the action that followed, the SAP Center crowd broke into a “This is Boring” chant, in case you were wondering if you could dislike it without the commentary team arguing in your ears.

Things built to where Rollins was set up for his superkick, but Dean stopped him in his tracks by offering a Shield fist bump.

That caused Seth to snap, and that was where his emotions finally got the best of him. After a Dirty Deeds, the sirens came back on for our new Intercontinental champion.

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