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WWE TLC 2018 results: Ronda takes Nia’s facebreaking arm, keeps Raw Women’s title

Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax had a Raw Women’s title match once before. At Money in the Bank, Rousey seemed on the verge of taking Jax’s title, but an Alexa Bliss cash-in delayed the Rowdy One’s first WWE championship run.

That run is happening now, and Nia upped her reputation without the belt by breaking SmackDown Women’s champ Becky Lynch’s face and cancelling a Survivor Series dream match. Could she turn it into another title reign?

Early on, this match looked a lot like their one this summer. Nia used her size and strength to control the champ while Rousey tried to use her quickness to attack the #Facebreaker’s lower body and bring her down. Surviving a flurry of leg kicks, an armbar countered into a big sitout powerbomb left Ronda gasping for air.

Then after being sent shoulder first into the post, a hip check really presented Rowdy with a mountain to climb. Climb she did, refusing to stay down or simply take power moves without trying for submissions

The tide turned when Jax was sent to the floor, and rather than catch her breath, Ronda headed up top and flew to the floor for a huge crossbody. Rousey rolled her opponent back in, not willing to take a countout win. A series of big strikes led to a two count, and set Rowdy up for another crossbody in the ring. Jax rolled through this one, however, and used it to hit a big Samoan Drop for an exciting nearfall.

That drove the challenger to get creative, and Nia tried for a super Samoan Drop. But Ronda slid through an turned it a huge sunset flip powerbomb... that still wasn’t enough though.

A Tamina distraction looked like it might set Jax up for the punch that broke The Man’s face, but that was her undoing. The Baddest Woman on the Planet ended up taking that arm, and Jax did what everyone else did - tapped.

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