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WWE TLC 2018 results: Natalya wins one for her dad, puts Ruby Riott through a table

The Riott Squad carried the table decorated with a Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart decal to the ring for Ruby Riott’s match with his daughter Natalya at TLC in San Jose on Dec. 16. You know, in case you forgot it was a tables match, or what their feud has been about.

More important than that table, however, was Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan. The numbers game helped Ruby take Natty to the ground early, and Liv stepped in to take a bump from the apron that was meant for Riott. So when Morgan went through the table on the floor, the match continued.

Logan tried to get a different table into the ring, but after punishing the “bitch” Ruby for messing with her family, Natalya put Sarah through a table, too.

That gave Riott time to regroup, though. Ruby talked some trash of her own, telling Natalya hr father would be disappointed in her. The Anvil table would make its way into the ring, and while she couldn’t get Natalya through it, she managed to tip it over to hit Nat in the head so she could free herself from a Sharpshooter.

While it wasn’t the Neidhart decorated table, it was a decaled one which gave us the finish. Natalya had one with Ruby’s own image on it - and that wasn’t all. The still-mourning daughter also had Anvil’s jacket hidden under the ring, and she donned it and pointed to the sky before setting up the Riott table.

There was some more suspense after that, as Ruby caught Natty with a kick and set the Queen of Harts up on on the table before climbing for a splash. They dueled on the top, but after blocking a rana, Natalya appropriately got her revenge by powerbombing Riott through her own image.

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