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No surprises as cruisers get Kickoff spot, deliver good match & Murphy retains

There were no matches announced in advance for the TLC Kickoff tonight (Dec. 16) in San Jose. But if you had to guess one match which would be on the pre-show, it would be this one...

The fans who showed up to SAP Center early were excited, as a “205” chant broke out early as Cedric Alexander set about trying to reclaim the Cruiserweight title from Buddy Murphy. Each man landed a stiff shot before the Network went to a picture-in-picture commercial for the main card; the champ took control during that after sending us to a Ronda Rousey/Nia Jax ad with a high knee.

Alexander re-entered the match when he caught the Aussie with a kick to the chest when Murphy tried a maneuver from the top rope. A flatliner and a follow-up clothesline from the top from the challenger got a nearfall, as did a Michinoku Driver moments later. Buddy got a few two counts of his own, including one off a big sitout powerbomb.

Murphy is the only man to kickout of Ced’s Lumbar Check, and he didn’t kick out on Sunday, but he did get a foot on the ropes when one followed some apron offense. Alexander was in disbelief, and that allowed the champ to throw him into the turnbuckles face first, then hit his finisher for the win.

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