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Daniel Bryan absolutely went off

Holy shit.

WWE Now had a live preview of tonight’s (Sun., Dec. 16, 2018) TLC pay-per-view in San Jose, California, and WWE Champion Daniel Bryan was one of the guests. He absolutely went off, on both Mike Rome and Cathy Kelley, the hosts of the show, and AJ Styles. A sampling:

“You guys want to talk about tweets? You guys want to come in here and sell your Christmas t-shirts? It’s garbage! What you guys do is garbage! But if you watch TLC tonight, what you’re going to see in the WWE championship match is you’re going to see AJ Styles against the new Daniel Bryan, you’re going to see the Phenomenal Forearm vs. the flying knee, you’re going to see the Calf Crusher against the heel hook, and you’re going to see the Styles Clash against what used to be called the ‘YES Lock’ but it’s going back to its origins and it’s going to be called the LeBell Lock now because the YES Movement is dead.”

There’s a lot more. Watch the above video and take it in.

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