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A very dramatic video from Nikki Bella, who feels like ‘the phoenix’

Above is a video put out on the Bella Twins YouTube channel that is trying really hard to be artistic so Nikki Bella can explain her feelings on her WWE comeback during a tour through Europe. She gets real dramatic about it:

“It’s crazy because I looked... like, this comeback for me was totally like... I kind of felt like the phoenix. I had the biggest fall you could ever have in life, literally like ashes to the ground. I think to have recognized in life who the next Nikki is, and I don’t mean to say that I just think you sometimes have to realize that we go through different chapters in our life. You have this part of your life and that door closes, and then there’s more that open. That’s what life is. You can’t love anyone so much until you love you the most. So I’m kind of excited for this unknown, to see this. Because what a lot of people don’t understand, too, is coming back here was so soon for me because this was a place that I loved so much with someone else, where I found true love. And it just feels like my heart isn’t healed and so it makes it hard because everything is a memory, an amazing beautiful memory. So I kind of just want to walk into that unknown and feel magic. And see what I’m going to have to struggle with, what I’m going to have to survive, what I’m going to have to conquer, another barrier I’m going to have to break -- it excites me, I like the challenge.”

There’s a real lack of perspective there, but pain is relative, I guess.

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