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You need to watch this Becky Lynch edition of WWE Chronicle

Look, I know some of you, dear readers, are suffering from Becky Lynch overload. The media coverage has been overwhelming and we here at Cageside — a fan blog — are such big fans of her that we can’t help but cover what she’s doing every step of the way on this amazing journey she’s on as “The Man.”

So I do understand how it can feel like a bit much.

But the above video, the latest episode of WWE Chronicle, is every reason why we can’t stop. It follows Lynch in the weeks leading up to TLC, where she defends her SmackDown women’s championship against Charlotte Flair and Asuka. She tells her story along the way, and you can see it, hear it, and, most important of all, feel it, just how much she’s a star, just how big she’s become, just how far away from everyone else she actually is.

Just watch.

And enjoy the ride.

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