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Seth Rollins continues to plant seeds for a Brock Lesnar feud

“Brock Lesnar is our Universal champion and he hasn’t been on a Monday night Raw television show in sometime. From my perspective as a person who is on every show, every week, I’m out on the live events trying to bring people into see these shows. It’s slightly insulting to me that he doesn’t.....he’s our champion, he’s the face of our show and he’s not at our live events.

So people who watch the television show, they’re not getting the same thing when they come to the live events. So it makes it hard for us as a team to sell tickets. You know what I’m saying.”

Somebody has to challenge Brock Lesnar for his Universal title eventually, right? So why not Seth Rollins. We’ve heard this song and dance with Lesnar and his WWE schedule for the better part of five years now.

Lesnar is a wrestler for WWE, the company views him as a big star, has tasked him with holding the biggest prize within the promotion more than anyone else but he’s never going to work more than his part time schedule.

With Raw’s recent streak of sub-par episodes of Raw, many have been calling for the Universal title to make an appearance on WWE’s flagship more often than every few months.

Rollins began his takedown of Lesnar on Monday night and continued during a recent media appearance in California. Seth Rollins versus Brock Lesnar for the Universal title coming soon?

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