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Vince McMahon wrestled under a mask? Sgt. Slaughter says yes

I mean he’s no El Conquistador.

In world full of wacky, weird and mind boggling Vince McMahon stories this one from Sgt. Slaughter may be our new favorite. Speaking with Wrestling News Slaughter was asked to tell a story about his time working with and for Vince McMahon.

Slaughter revealed a little known story about how McMahon, longing to be in the ring but forced by his father to work behind the scenes, wore a mask at WWF house shows in order to get into the squared circle.

The winner of the 1999 Royal Rumble paying his dues? Getting worked over by Sgt. Slaughter in the ring? This all sounds amazing and very Vince.

“I guess the one (story) I really the love the most is Vince never was able to become a wrestler, his father wanted him to be behind the microphone, so he could control things a little bit better. So, one night we were driving in the car together and he says, ‘One thing I miss Sarge is getting in the ring.’ I asked him if he wants to get in the ring, he says yes, so I tell him to go put a mask on one night when we have a smaller event and I’ll wrestle you. So we did, and it wasn’t the funnest time of my life, but we got it done.”

Slaughter would go on to talk about another amazing McMahon story where he blew cigar smoke in the boss’s face during his WWF tryout.

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