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The Man came for Corey Graves, and you’ll totally believe what happened next

Corey Graves plays a heel announcer on Raw and SmackDown. As such, he’s critical of Women’s champion Becky Lynch on the latter show. And, well, we know what happens to Lynch’s critics on social media:

Corey’s also had more than his fair share of Twitter runs in with fans and current & former wrestlers, so we were hoping for better than this as a retort:

When you’ve been hit with a dagger like “Listen, I’m here to make history, you’re just here to observe me do it” your response should probably prompt something other than confusion from the audience.

Near as we can figure in the Cageside offices, he’s saying Lynch isn’t prominent enough to fall prey to Vince McMahon’s legendary micro-managing yet. It seems not only highly unlikely the Badlass isn’t on Mr. McMahon’s radar but Graves’ jab would also imply that he thinks she soon will be big enough to have the boss paying attention to her work, so...

Corey is also saying his higher-ups are keeping him from reaching his full potential/doing a complete Bobby “The Brain” Heenan impersonation. Not sure how that answers Becky’s claim that her every tweet gets more attention than a week’s worth of Graves’ commentary, but okay.

At least he didn’t use any of Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey’s hashtags, I guess.

We’ve got this as a first round knockout for The Man. Share your scorecards below.

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