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Mandy Rose has a good strategy to make sure her feud with Naomi gets on TV

It’s often been said that the best wrestling feuds are the ones which are, or at least appear to be, based on something personal between the feuding parties. As my man Geno explained yesterday using Raw’s mid-card women’s program with Natalya & Ruby Riott as an example, that kind of heat is difficult to manufacture.

Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, though. And when you’ve already been bumped off television as Mandy Rose & Naomi were last night, what do you have to lose?

Well, Mandy might lose her dang life if she continues throwing winking face emojis at Naomi’s husband...

Now, Mandy is almost certainly not really flirting with Jimmy Uso - not in their SmackDown characters, or their Total Divas ones, or in real life. And most of us know that (hopefully Trinity does, too).

But if it gets noticed online (happy to help) and generates some more interest in a feud, why not shoot your shot?

Did it work?

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