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Asuka lays out Lynch & Flair, stands tall to close SmackDown

In a rematch of arguably one of the best matches at WrestleMania 34, Asuka and Charlotte Flair set the bar high coming into SmackDown.

Before Asuka and Flair could renew their rivalry, SmackDown women’s champion Becky Lynch made her way down to ringside to get a closer view.

Though it didn’t match the move for move pace of their first encounter, Asuka vs. Flair 2 was a very physical main event.

It felt like Asuka controlled the first half of the match with Flair having to rally back. In the back half of the SmackDown main event, Flair had Asuka locked in a deep figure eight submission attempt but was unable to put The Empress away.

With the match drawing to a finish, Lynch still sat calmly in her chair positioned next to the announce desk.

After over 15 minutes, in a finish reminiscent to Survivor Series, Flair just hopped out of the ring and grabbed a kendo stick to wield at her opponent. Flair attacked Asuka and the bell was sounded to signal an end to the match.

Post-match all hell broke loose as all three women weaponized the kendo stick in their attacks. First, Flair laid out Asuka then jumped Lynch. The Irish Lass Kicker rallied back and unloaded a dozen or so shots to the body of Flair with the kendo stick.

Finally Asuka rose up and put on a simultaneous beatdown on both Lynch and Flair. The Empress of Tomorrow closed the show with a war cry from the atop of the announce’s table.

All three women walked away looking strong at conclusion of SmackDown but who wins this Sunday at TLC? Becky Lynch? Asuka? Or Charlotte Flair?

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