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WWE Mixed Match Challenge results: Season 2, episode 13

Season two of WWE Mixed Match Challenge continues tonight (Tues., Dec. 11, 2018) with the latest match-ups in the tournament.

Up next: Asuka & The Miz vs. Carmella & R-Truth and Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox vs. Apollo Crews & Bayley. This is the semifinals of the playoff tournament. The winners will meet in the final at TLC.

The show starts immediately following SmackDown Live at 10 pm ET on Facebook Watch. See you then!

MMC live blog

Geno here. It’s playoff time, baby.

We’re brought in with Charlotte and Becky Lynch bailing to the back after the carnage of the main event of SmackDown Live. Flair’s back looks all messed up from the kendo shots from Lynch.

We’ll start with the Raw semifinal.

Bayley & Apollo Crews vs. Alicia Fox & Jinder Mahal

They mention how much of an opportunity this is for Crews, who ended up here because Finn Balor wasn’t available for this show. Or maybe he was and they just wanted to ensure no one pulls double duty at TLC? Hard to say. Either way, he’s in.

Jinder started with Crews and Alicia was yelling for Mahal to rip Apollo’s head off. He failed to do so, and when he was pushed into the corner, Fox tagged herself in and dramatically entered to square up with Bayley. She got blitzed and nearly pinned multiple times, enough that she had to roll out of the ring. Because it’s Foxy, she started arguing with The Singh Brothers, blaming them for everything.

You know, the usual.

When the guys got back in, Mahal finally got some offense in on Crews to take control of the match. He worked holds and that gave Fox time to yell things and complain about the fact that the Singh Brothers weren’t yelling. They just shrugged.

Meanwhile, Apollo finally hit an enziguri to give him time to tag Bayley back in. She ran wild on Fox but after she hit Bayley-to-Belly, the Singh Brothers stopped the three count. Crews responded by taking them out with a dive, then a moonsault from the apron. Then Bayley hit her finish on both of them. While she did so, Mahal came over to take Crews out with a kick. Bayley used a dive to take him out. She threw Alicia back into the ring but when she climbed back in, Foxy nailed her with a kick and that was enough to get the victory.

Alicia Fox & Jinder Mahal def. Bayley & Apollo Crews

Commentary points out that Fox and Mahal lost constantly in this season, yet here they are in the final thanks to two playoff matchups against teams who had to replace a star due to injury.

They’re pushing it like it’s a big miracle.

Backstage, Kayla Braxton interviewed them about it. Jinder said he mediated and studied the teachings of Great Khali and he envisions them winning and going on a vacation to a beach with Mahal, the Singhs, and Fox. Alicia interrupts to say “no, the Singh Brothers aren’t coming.” Another argument that only ends because it’s time for the other semifinal match.

Asuka & The Miz vs. Carmella & R-Truth

As usual, they did the entire song for Truth and Carmella, which was worth it just for Miz and Asuka’s reaction to it happening in the ring right next to them. Miz looked bored while Asuka looked confused and moderately angry about it.

The match started with Miz arguing with Asuka about costing them a match before and telling her to tag him in. She wouldn’t, until she finally snapped and slapped his chest. It wasn’t meant to but it also works as a tag, so he got in and started with Truth. He got his ass kicked too.

You know, so they could get to the seven second dance break.

The fans enjoy it.

With Miz on the outside, Carmella and Truth called for Asuka to participate in the dance break, so she did so on the apron. Miz wasn’t happy about it. “Get your head in the game,” he told her. While doing so, Truth grabbed him and threw him back in the ring to lay some punches in on him.

Miz finally recovered and they went back-and-forth for a bit. He ended up getting enough of an edge that Carmella had to save Truth from a pinfall. Miz worked his “IT Kicks” like he was teaching Asuka, or someone, and nearly got a pinfall off that. He followed up with a couple of running dropkicks in the corner. When he went for a third, Truth cut him off with a clothesline. That set up the hot tag to Carmella.

She got in and put the boots to Asuka. When Asuka recovered, she picked ‘Mella up for a German suplex and Carmella screamed “PUT ME DOWN.” So Asuka did so, but it was a fake and she threw her anyway. Miz ended up tagged in, and Truth took him down. But they built to Carmella coming in and getting a superkick ready for Miz but Miz using Asuka as a shield. She ended up getting the kick on Miz anyway, but Truth’s pinfall attempt after only got a two count.

Asuka and Miz ended up tossing them both out of the ring and were left in there alone. “It’s not me,” Miz tried to explain to Asuka. She was fed up with him, eventually attacking him outright. Truth got in and took advantage, pinning Miz.

R-Truth & Carmella def. Miz & Asuka

Well, we have our final: Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox vs. R-Truth & Carmella. Michael Cole started talking about everyone’s bracket being blown up over the way tonight played out. I guess.

See you at TLC!

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