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I want to be as excited about anything as Sasha Banks was to be thrown on the Singhs

Whether it’s due to Mattel and other sponsors or because it just makes a large enough portion of the fanbase flat out uncomfortable, we’ll probably never get intergender wrestling WWE.

But from places ranging from WrestleMania to Mixed Match Challenge, the company is definitely willing to show women get a little offense in on men. And when it happens, the wrestlers appear to have a lot of fun with it.

That was certainly the case last night when Sasha Banks was watching her tag partners back as she worked a match with Alicia Fox. Foxy’s MMC partner Jinder Mahal and his boys were there, and first the Boss got to hit a Singh with a meteora off the apron.

When Bayley’s new MMC ally Apollo Crews showed up to further even the odds, the real fun began. Sasha saw an opening for some tandem offense, and as my teammate said on Twitter...

Especially considering her booking this year and how she’s seemed to feel about (at least online), it’s just nice to see Banks get hyped.


It’s even better with sound:

Smiling’s my favorite.

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