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Rhyno is not retiring, and also not giving clues as to whether he’ll attack Heath Slater or Baron Corbin at TLC

Prior to Raw last night (Dec. 10), WWE released the following video from Rhyno. In it, the Man-Beast shoots down rumors he’s set to retire after being “fired” from the red brand for losing a match to tag partner Heath Slater they were put in by acting General Manager Baron Corbin.

In a practical sense, this not only shoots down a real rumor that was going around online last week, but it explains why Rhyno will still be working on house shows after his “firing”.

For storyline purposes, his deadpan delivery doesn’t give away whether he blames Corbin, Slater or both for his pending unemployment...

“Hey guys. This is Rhyno here. I just wanted to clear up a rumor that I’ve seen going on for about a week now on Twitter about me retiring. I am not retiring. I have no plans on retiring. It apparently started after I competed in a match with Heath Slater and the loser is fired from Raw, which Heath Slater won - a match that we were put in by Baron Corbin.

So, I just wanted to clear up that rumor and say I’m not retiring. I am fulfilling my contractual obligation with WWE: the December live events and January live events I’m going to continue and after that I don’t know whether if I compete in WWE or somewhere else still, your guess is as good as mine. So hopefully I cleared up any rumors and look forward to seeing you guys at the live events.”

With the story of reluctant heel referee Slater poised to play a signicant role at TLC this Sunday (Dec. 16) when Corbin is set to face Braun Strowman with the permanent General Manager position on the line, where might the ECW veteran fit into that story?

Are we thinking the “General Manager Elect” might end up on the receiving end of a Gore, Gore, Gore that gets Rhyno his job back and frees Heath from a future in stripes? Or could we be getting set up for the old swerve, and the Man-Beast will help continue Corbin’s tenure as Raw authority figure?


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