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Seth Rollins overcomes crooked referee Heath Slater to retain Intercontinental title

Seth Rollins open this week’s episode of Monday night Raw by saying how much the show sucked and then he was booked in the main event.

After Rollins’ rant blaming GM Baron Corbin for all of Raw’s woes, the two men competed in a TLC match to close out tonight’s (Dec. 10) episode. With the Intercontinental title hanging above the ring, neither Corbin or Rollins’ opponents at TLC this Sunday played a factor in the match.

Stacking the deck in his favor, Corbin even assigned Heath Slater to be the referee.

Slater would briefly play a role in the match when Rollins accidentally hit him with a chair. The IC champ became distracted but not enough for Corbin to get the win. Following a frog splash from Rollins through a table Corbin was placed on, Slater got involved again.

As Rollins went to scale the ladder, Slater pushed it over and it looked like Corbin had cheated his way to a title win. Slater dragged Corbin into the ring, positioned him to climb the ladder but took far too long to do it all.

Rollins ran back into the ring, buckled bombed Baron Corbin through a table then took out Heath Slater before grabbing his title at the top of the ladder.

Seth Rollins won the battle tonight but still has to face Dean Ambrose this Sunday at the TLC pay-per-view. What obstacle will Corbin throw at Rollins during his match with Ambrose?

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