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The Young Bucks receive a ‘final note’ from H on the latest Being The Elite

It’s Monday.

You know what that means.

Being The Elite is back!

The latest episode includes:

  • Cody Rhodes trying to replace Marty Scurll and maybe finding the perfect guy in Jimmy Havoc
  • Christopher Daniels survived taking a bottle to the neck during a drinking binge thanks to his fellow SCU teammates donating their own blood. He finally has some SCU in him
  • “Dumbass, you dumbass”
  • The guys get a final note from “H” in the form of a poem that reads: “If you choose to be our next big hire, All cease and desist orders will expire, Sign with the stooge and we’ll wipe your slate clean, You remember my last note? It read Final Battle 2018”

The long term storytelling in this show is so refreshing, and the storylines so ridiculous, that it is legitimately the best pro wrestling show each week.

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